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Let's face it, septic systems are messy business. There is a biological process of septic tank bacteria and waste that when disturbed can mean a maintenance call to us. Septic systems are essentially a small scale sewage treatment plants right in your yard and when things go wrong with the system, they go terribly wrong. You may smell waste-like odors or see water or waste pooling in the yard. The system may be in need of a rooter service or there may be storm debris in the sewer lines that only we can detect. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you!
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Here are some reasons to call us:
  • Sewage backup in home
  • Sewage backup in yard
  • Waste-type odors
  • Heavy rains
  • Tree roots
  • Routine maintenance
  • Unknown origin of pools of water
  • Non-organic items enter the system
  • Expertise & Dedication to Customer Care
Unless you know with certainty when the septic tank was installed or last replaced there's a good chance it's an old system in need of maintenance and possible replacement. Using non-septic safe toilet paper or flushing things that shouldn't be flushed are ways to needlessly age your septic system. Whatever the reason for your call to us, we are here to help with your septic system problems and maintenance.
Here are just some of the septic services we provide:
  • Septic Tank Locating/Electronic Locating
  • Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning
  • Bacteria Treatment
  • Video Inspections
  • Rooter Service
  • Sewer Lines Repaired /Replaced
  • Drywell Pumping and Treatments
  • Septic System Abandonment
  • Inspection for Homes Sells
  • NAWT Certified Insections
We are dedicated to helping you understand your septic system and committed to providing amazing satisfaction to our clients. This is why we offer the best solutions based on our years of experience in the industry and septic system expertise. Rest assured that when you call us you will receive top of the line service and results!
Cartrights plumbing (and septic service) are certified experts with the National Association of Wastewater Transporters (NAWT) and local business owners the team at Cartright's understands not only the value of outstanding customer service; we understand the science of a septic system. While using the latest technology and expertise we are able to diagnose, repair and replace your septic system. Cartright's provide a flat rate price on all our septic system inspections; the fee is based on the size of the septic tank. The price that is quoted covers the following services for a septic inspection.
  • Septic System Locating/Electronic Locating
  • Labor To Dig Up Lid(s) On Septic Tank
  • Pumping & Cleaning of Septic Tank (Removing All Liquids And Solids From Tank)
  • Servicing Of Effluent Filter (If Present)
  • Camera Inspection Of Sewer Lines From Home To Septic Tank And Sewer Lines From Back Of Tank To Seepage Area.
  • Complete Inspection Of System Per ADEQ Guidelines
  • ADEQ Report Of Inspection And Buyers Notice Of Transfer Paperwork
Our Inspectors Are Certified By NAWT To Perform The ADEQ Septic Inspection For All Properties That Are Serviced By An On Site Waste Water Treatment Facility (Septic System).
Cartright's Performs A Thorough Inspection Providing Piece Of Mind For Both Seller And Buyer. Inspection Paperwork Will Be Faxed Or Emailed Within 24 Hours to all Designated Parties.
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Septic Inspections for Arizona Realtors
When representing your client you want the least amount of stress during and after the transaction. Rest assured when you call Cartright's to conduct the septic system inspection you have called the best, we conduct an honest and through inspection of the system leaving you as well as your clients with piece of mind that it's been inspected correctly.
Homeowners Responsibility
Arizona Law states any person selling or transferring ownership of a property served by an on-site wastewater treatment facility (including a conventional septic tank system or an alternative on-site wastewater treatment facility) must hire a qualified Inspector to inspect the facility within six months prior to transferring ownership of the property, (Arizona Administrative Code, A.A.C. R18-9-A316).
A qualified Inspector must complete the Report of Inspection form, and provide it to the seller as required by the Code. If there is more than one on-site system in use on the property, the Inspector shall complete a Report of Inspection for each system.
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Buyers Responsibility
Before the transfer date (closing date) of the property, the seller shall provide the buyer with the completed Report Of Inspection form and any other documents in their possession that relate to the permitting or operations and maintenance of the septic system or alternative on-site wastewater treatment facility. Within 15 calendar days after the date of property transfer, the buyer shall submit a complete Notice of Transfer Form for the change of ownership, and file it with the applicable agency indicated in the Notice Of Transfer instructions.